Posted by: leigh | February 22, 2013

on running

my nemesis, open pavement. it’s been a long, long time. shoes tied tight, check. sense of dread, double check.

i’ve been running for a while now. it will take me a while longer before i decide whether i like it. but i have decided i can *do* it. and this is a start. the first few weeks were tough as my body adjusted again, the newly learned mechanics of just standing upright, of just taking steps, challenged as i added new motion. and hell yes, it hurt. my neglected running muscles were sore, my knees ached. my lungs never did like the cold air, but they will protest longer than my legs ever did. even as i re-implement the breathing patterns that got me through those seemingly endless training runs in the soccer pre-seasons.

in, two, three, out, out, in, two, three, out out…

the knees have decided to get with the program, they don’t bother me anymore. my legs don’t hurt much anymore, my lower body is loosening up. i found a comfortable cadence.

i slow down to a walk occasionally. my lungs aren’t fabulous yet. but my run time comes down a bit every time i go out, proving that i’m getting stronger with every run. so i just keep going.

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  1. there is something about the improvement that the data nerd in me has always enjoyed.

  2. @Dave:

    runkeeper has definitely added a dimension of enjoyment i would not have otherwise found. :)

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