Posted by: leigh | January 16, 2009

leigh is a busy, busy bee!

what a long, productive, and amusing day! i have been up and running for far too long, but i need to blog about Abel Pharmboy’s wine-tasting event which i attended at the end of my day.

i showed up a little late, which turned out to be OK, i only missed a little bit. since i am an absolute wine ignoramus, i just sat and listened to the discussions. we had two white wines and two red wines to try. we started with the white. i only grabbed the california, being unaware of the setup until a little bit later. it was pretty good. folks talked about what they thought, and we had little local conversations with the people around us. then we moved to the reds. i liked the oregon more than the california red. i think that was pretty much the consensus around the room.

then we kinda milled around, there were people blogging, there were people live-conferencing and all kinds of other computer-geekdom amongst the scienceblogs crew. this is what happens when you put a bunch of internet junkies in a room together!

i enjoyed meeting the folks i talked to. i had some snacks and then i had to take off. i am pretty zoned out right now, need some downtime to recover from all that i did today! i knew this week would be totally nuts, but DAMN!

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